All Clear Foundation transitions into NDRI Ventures


Our new partnership

To better serve the Emergency Responder population, including Healthcare Workers, we have aligned with our research partner, NDRI Ventures. In October 2023, All Clear Foundation consolidated its wellness content under the brand ResponderStrong and transitioned it to NDRI. Those who follow the Responder research know how much groundbreaking work NDRI has conducted within our community. Their skilled and dedicated researchers have studied occupational health issues including mental, substance use, cancer, cardiac, stress, and workplace injury. Since their inception, ACF and ResponderStrong have always focused on incorporating evidence-based practices utilizing real-time data to keep pace with the rapidly evolving needs of the response community. Now housed within NDRI Ventures, ResponderStrong continues our work in partnership with NDRI’s other impactful initiatives: Science to the Station, First Responders Care, and Peer Support International. Watch for more great things to come!