Improving the quality of our lives by improving our relationships with others.

What is RESPOND?

REAL Essentials RESPOND, a CRE e-learning video series created with Responders for Responders is a series that highlights some of the common challenges we experience in our relationships and communications.

ResponderStrong has long partnered with the Center for Relationship Education (CRE) to create relationship and communication skills content that addresses the unique challenges faced by Responders and their loved ones. Through the Responding to Your Relationships program, CRE offers several options to explore and share this content.

Interested in attending a live relationship retreat with your significant other? The Center for Relationship Education offers relationship retreats designed to serve those bravely serving others. Retreat series are customized for all emergency response fields and military personnel (both active duty and veteran status welcome). Follow this link for more information:

Want to bring this content to your community? Contact CRE to learn about Train the Trainer opportunities.

Looking for something web-based for yourself, you and your partner, or your agency? Real Essentials RESPOND Online is an e-learning video series created with Responders for Responders. This miniseries covers the key concepts from 10 of the most popular Real Essentials RESPOND modules. This e-learning video series focuses on some of the common challenges we experience in our relationships, both at home and in the workplace, offering both insight and workable solutions.

Content includes:

  • Understanding personality styles
  • More effectively managing stress
  • Preventing and resolving conflict
  • Growing and maintaining resilience
  • Meeting our own basic human needs
  • Building self-worth
  • Deepening intimacy
  • Creating our own personal legacy

Click here to access RESPOND Online Videos.