Lifelines Documentary Series

Status Code 4, Inc (SC4i) is producing a series of mini-documentaries on the ways in which responders inadvertently bring trauma home and what that looks like. Stories Without Borders has masterfully filmed and edited the vignettes. ResponderStrong and other partners are proud to support this project. SC4i is making these materials available to any entity that wishes to use them to increase awareness and spark conversation.

Dr. John Nicoletti: Trauma Contamination

Too Much, Too Ugly: Trauma Contamination

The Colorado Springs Police Department, the Colorado Springs Fire Department,  El Paso County Public Communications, and ResponderStrong are proud to present Dr. John Nicoletti speaking about trauma contamination among responders. The presentation lasts 2.5 hours and is offered to any individual or agency who wishes to use it to increase responder self-awareness and to assist in the development of personal tools to combat it.