Bayside MarinWebsite →
Sierra TusconWebsite →
Deer Hollow Recovery (UT)Website →
Acadia Health CareWebsite →
Florida House Experience- ShatterproofWebsite →
Brattleboro Retreat Uniformed Services Program (VT)Website →
IAFF Center for Excellence (MD)Website →
Recovery Village at Palmer Lake (CO)Website →
Warrior’s Heart (TX)Website →
Harmony Foundation (CO)Website →
Parker Valley Hope (CO)Website →
Livengrin Foundation (PA)Website →
Inner Balance (CO)Website →
Recovery Centers of America (PA)Website →
Denver Valley Hope (CO)Website →Intensive/Outpatient Only
Help for Heroes (US)Website →
Copper Springs (AZ)Website →
Oakwood Springs (OK)Website →
Rock Springs (TX)Website →
Brentwood Springs (IN)Website →
Ft Lauderdale Behavioral Health- Valor ProgramWebsite →
Chateau Recovery (UT)Website →
UCF Restores (FL)Website →
Harbor of Grace Recovery (MD)Website →Addiction
On Site Academy (MA)Website →Intensives and groups for responders and military
First Responder WellnessWebsite →Residential, detox, IOP, neurofeedback
Rob's RanchWebsite →Men only SUD treatment
Recovery WaysWebsite →
Patriot PowerUpWebsite →

The listed clinicians are known for doing good work with Responders. Establishing rapport is important and relationships may vary. Please start from here and do your own research.