Provider NameContactAgency or IndividualCity/MetroServices
Brower PsychologicalLearn More →AgencyDenver Metro
Building WarriorsLearn More →AgencyDenver Metro
Code 4 CounselingLearn More →AgencyDenver MetroPeer support and counseling
Nicoletti Flater AssociatesLearn More →AgencyDenver Metro
Palmer & AssociatesLearn More →AgencyDenver Metro
SonderMindLearn More →AgencyDenver MetroInterfaces with insurance and EAP
START CenterLearn More →AgencyDenver Metro
Southwest CounselingLearn More →AgencyDenver MetroChristian focused
Tammy ObieLearn More →IndividualAlamosa, CO
Jennifer SilvaLearn More →IndividualAlamosa, CO
Dr. Idalia Masa-CarrollLearn More →IndividualArvada, COoffers telehealth in CO and UT
Aspen Hope CenterLearn More →IndividualAspen/Glenwood, CO
Terry RogersLearn More →IndividualBailey, CO
Patrick PragLearn More →IndividualBoulder AreaFormer flight nurse
Linda CampagnaLearn More →IndividualBoulder AreaFormer LEO
Ken PottLearn More →IndividualBoulder Area
Dr. Cari CornishLearn More →IndividualBroomfield, CO
Desert Waters Correctional OutreachLearn More →IndividualCanyon City, CO
Shauna ShippsLearn More →IndividualParker, COFormer dispatcher
Dr. Dan CramptonLearn More →IndividualColorado Springs, COFormer paramedic
Sharon StewartLearn More →IndividualColorado Springs, CO
Kimberly LeanderLearn More →IndividualColorado Springs, CO
Dr. Libbi PalmerLearn More →IndividualDenver MetroFormer LEO
Dr Karen JacksonLearn More →IndividualDenver MetroSpecializes in fire service
Dr. Elizabeth SatherLearn More →IndividualDenver MetroAddiction specialist
Dr. Elizabeth StevensLearn More →IndividualDenver MetroVeteran, Psychiatrist
Marianne WebbLearn More →IndividualDenver MetroPsychiatric Nurse Practitioner
Joelle KrumlLearn More →IndividualDenver Metro
Linda CampagnaLearn More →IndividualDenver MetroFormer LEO
Max StagerLearn More →IndividualDenver Metro
Michelle Lee WeldonLearn More →IndividualDenver MetroSomatic therapies
Megan BurchLearn More →IndividualDenver Metro
Keri SterrettLearn More →IndividualDenver Metro
Lynne McRaeLearn More →IndividualDenver Metro
Dr. Melissa BranchaudLearn More →IndividualDenver MetroEMDR
Rebecca AllansonLearn More →IndividualDenver MetroFormer LEO
Tim WieneckeLearn More →IndividualDenver MetroVeteran
Anna JosephLearn More →IndividualDenver Metro
Tiffany CristLearn More →IndividualDenver MetroEMDR, family LEO
Yael ShumanLearn More →IndividualDenver Metrocomplex trauma
Dr. Stella BenamiLearn More →IndividualDenver MetroFormer dispatcher
Erik LarsonLearn More →IndividualDenver MetroPsychiatric nurse practitioner/Veteran
Dr. Lisa WoodrichLearn More →IndividualDenver Metro
Dr. Daren NorrisLearn More →IndividualDenver MetroVeteran
Laura ShipmanLearn More →IndividualDenver MetroCorrections background
Emily JohnsonLearn More →IndividualDenver MetroMarriage and family
Janelle DirstineLearn More →IndividualDenver Metro
Naomi SpilkaLearn More →IndividualDenver MetroFormer Israeli military
Thiago LeaoLearn More →IndividualDenver Metro
Dr. Mary Ann HewickerLearn More →IndividualDenver MetroLEO and military background
Dr. Karen TrevithickLearn More →IndividualDenver Metro
Andrea BrownLearn More →IndividualEagle/Vail AreaFormer LEO works with addiction, trauma, PTSD
Eagle Hope CenterLearn More →IndividualEagle/Vail Area
Heather Reck: Brite BeginningsLearn More →IndividualElbert CountyEquine assisted therapy
Emergency Responder Trauma CounselorsLearn More →IndividualFort CollinsCounseling, peer support, and psychiatry- multiple former responders
Linda CampagnaLearn More →IndividualFort MorganFormer LEO
Andrea BrownLearn More →IndividualGrand CountyFormer LEO works with addiction, trauma, PTSD
Jami LloydLearn More →IndividualGrand Junction Area
Hannah HuffmanLearn More →IndividualGrand Junction Area
North Range Behavioral HealthLearn More →IndividualGrand Junction Area
Deanna McGrathLearn More →IndividualLittleton COEMDR, family of responders
Janell O’BoyleLearn More →IndividualLongmont COEMDR
Kyle TalbertLearn More →IndividualLoveland COFormer LEO and corrections
Geri WagnerLearn More →IndividualPueblo CO
Elizabeth FloydeLearn More →IndividualSalida CO
Andrea BrownLearn More →IndividualSummit County COFormer LEO works with addiction, trauma, PTSD
Badge2BadgeLearn More →IndividualDenver MetroGroup support
Michelle KayeLearn More →IndividualBroomfieldEquine Therapy (military and responder specialty)
Dr. Joel FayLearn More →IndividualMarin County, CAFormer LEO
Dr. Ina CreekbaumLearn More →IndividualRancho Cucamonga, CA
Dr Anne BisekLearn More →IndividualFremont, CA
Dr Kristen WheldonLearn More →IndividualPasadena, CA
First Responders Wellness CenterLearn More →IndividualChicago, IL
EAP NetworkLearn More →IndividualTaunton, MAKeith Crochiere serves local responders
Dr. Adam PasciakLearn More →IndividualClarkston, MIFormer LEO, EMDR
Dr. Anastasia PytalLearn More →IndividualLittle Falls, NJFormer LEO
Dr Stephanie ConnLearn More →IndividualBeverton, ORFormer LEO
Drew ProchniakLearn More →IndividualPortland, OR
Warrior’s RestLearn More →IndividualOklahoma City, OK
Dr Kathy ThomasLearn More →IndividualStillwater, OKLEO specialist
Dr. Roger Belisle: Sentry Psychological ServicesLearn More →IndividualRapid City, SD
Dr. Jennifer BissettLearn More →IndividualLeague City, TX
Dr. Daniel ClarkLearn More →IndividualOlympia, WA
Dr. Katy StanfillLearn More →IndividualSeattle, WA
Dr. Craig ChildsLearn More →IndividualDelafield, WI